Star comes to Eleven

This Friday Eleven begins the new series Star.

Having been  created by Lee Daniels (Empire) and screenwriter Tom Donaghy expectation is high for this one. There are just 12 episodes in this season which has just finished in the US

Star is a tough-as-nails young woman who has been raised in the foster care system. But rather than her unconventional upbringing dulling her dreams, it has given her the strength to pursue them.

Committed to following the path to fame in the cut-throat music industry, Star tracks down her sister Simone and her Instagram bestie Alexandra, and the trio make their way to Atlanta. Once there, the girls find support in the form of mother-figure Carlotta and a has-been talent agent named Jahil, who takes an interest in Star.

But as the young women chase their dream, they find that ambition can come with a high price to pay.

7.30pm Friday, 24 March on Eleven.