Spy City Review

Spy City Review

Spy City Review

This weekend, Paramount+ drops a new spy thriller in Spy City.

Set in 1960 Berlin, we meet Fielding Scott (Dominic Cooper,Preacher), who’s on a mission to make a simple document exchange in a restroom. Things don’t go entirely plan and he’s benched after killing a man who is also a British spy.

Flash forward a year and he is sent back to Berlin for a special mission. East German scientist Manfred Ziegler (Wanja Mues), who has developed a crucial piece of missile-related technology, wishes to defect to the United Kingdom, and will only do so if Scott handles the case due to their personal history.

He assembles a team to help in the form of CIA buddy Conrad Greer (Seumas F. Sargent) and French agent, and former lover, Severine Bloch (Romane Portail), who both provide an interesting dynamic.

There are other complications in the shape of Eliza (Leonie Benesch), Scott’s German secretary, who is spying on him to protect her boyfriend Reinhart (Ben Münchow).

Will Fielding be able to complete his mission successfully, and just why did his last one fail?

Written by William Boyd, Spy City offers up an interesting premise with a few twists and turns along the way that make it a decent watch.

Dominic Cooper provides a lot of star power here, but it’s Romane Portail who is just as compelling.

With its twists and turns, Spy City is sure to please those who need an action fix.

3 Stars

Spy City is now streaming on Paramount+


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