Spreadsheet Review

Spreadsheet Review

Today, Paramount+ unleashes its next Aussie original in the shape of Spreadsheet.

In Spreadsheet, we meet lawyer and divorcee Lauren (Katherine Parkinson The IT Crowd), a mother-of-two who is looking for no-strings-attached sex, with the help of her assistant and friend Alex (Rowan Witt Underbelly). The two have devised a creative, and dare I say methodical, way of keeping track of Lauren’s options by using a spreadsheet.

It sounds like all fun and games, right? Unfortunately, Lauren’s life is full of chaos, with ex-husband Jake (Robbie Magasiva, Wentworth), hiding a few secrets from Lauren, one in the form of Nancy (Christie Whelan Browne The Wrong Girl). Then there are Lauren’s children Abby (Harper Nicholas ), who requires a costume for an important school event, and Lola (Maila Latukefu), who brings something for show and tell that is highly inappropriate for the schoolyard.

Meanwhile, on the work front, her boss Angie (Katrina Milosevic, Wentworth) assumes Lauren is dating again and takes a keen interest in her dating life, while office geek Simon (Ryan Shelton The Wrong Girl) has an unrequited crush.

Lauren’s choice of men includes ex-rugby player Hayden (Kevin Hofbauer, Playing For Keeps), and young model/musician Dallas (Kegan Joyce, Please Like Me), just to name a few.

Will Lauren be able to have it all? Only time will tell.

Having Katherine Parkinson in the lead role is a masterstroke as she can handle some pretty outrageous situations and deliver a measured performance. Harper Nicholas and Maila Latkefu are also a delight as Lauren’s children. With a guest cast that includes Stephen Curry,(Mr Black) Bernard Curry,(Wentworth) Tim Kano (Neighbours), Richard Davies (Offspring), and Nick Russell (Winners and Losers), all get to flex their comedic muscles.

Creator Kala Ellis delivers a charming comedy with fleshed-out characters that will definitely make you laugh as Lauren juggles all the balls in her life.

Easy to binge, funny, and just a delicious delight, be sure to put this on your to-watch spreadsheet.

4 Stars

Spreadsheet drops on Paramount+ today.


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