Spooky Secrets Cause A Stir as The Bachelorette heats up

Spooky Secrets Cause A Stir as The Bachelorette heats up

In a spooktacular episode of The Bachelorette Australia, skeletons came creeping out of the closet to haunt the mansion.

In a Halloween themed group date, the lads dressed in their spookiest costumes to impress their leading ghouls. After making their way through the haunted Bachelorette mansion, they were given the chance to drop an anonymous question into three cauldrons.

With a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’ on the cards, they were all ready for a little double bubble and trouble. From lap dances to nudie runs – the boys might not have been dressed as werewolves but were happy to let their full moon out.

Fun and games aside, the mood shifted when the group was asked if they’ve ever cheated on a partner. An uneasy James, Joe, Adrian and Becky raised their hand, owning up to their past indiscretions. Explaining that it was something none of them were proud of and that they still carry tremendous guilt over, the group applauded their courage to take ownership of their past.

Switching gears, Adam revealed he’d never said the L word to a partner, before Elly was asked if she’d hooked up with Joe on the outside world. Revealing that she’d shared a weekend with Joe before The Bachelorette, Elly wanted to clarify that everyone started on an even playing field.

Elly chose to take Adam to Sydney Zoo for a wild and wonderful date, where they painted each other as animals. Keen to show Elly that he’s not just the quiet guy, Adam’s willingness to fall in love and openness more than impressed his leading lady. After sharing a romantic kiss, Elly was lost for words at the emotional connection she shared with Adam.

Back at the Bachelorette Pad, Becky invited Sam over for a single date, and a double serve of pasta. With passion and pappardelle a plenty, Becky couldn’t believe how well the date was going and was impressed by Sam’s pasta making skills. Revisiting the previous night, Sam admitted to writing  the question about cheating. Assuring Sam she had grown from the  experience, Sam felt confident that he and Becky both valued loyalty, and the pair shared a kiss.

At the Cocktail Party, James was still feeling down after revealing that he’d cheated in the past, and was desperate to explain himself to Elly. With time slipping away, an anxious James missed his chance to chat to Elly before the rose ceremony.

At the rose ceremony, we farewelled Aggi, who left the mansion with one last tousle of his locks.