Spelling Bee unleashes a Superword

Last night The Great Australian Spelling Bee saw the Top 14 spellers take on an all new spelling challenge, Superword.

In teams of two, the exuberant spellers had to find as many words as possible in a nine letter grid, earning a point for each correct word. The first five teams to three points were through to the Top 12.

The spellers got off to a scorching start, with each team frantically hitting their buzzers. Within moments each team was on one point, levelling the playing field once again.

Teams continued to buzz in with “pierce”, “spree” and “popes” before Annie from NSW secured herself and Victoria’s Hanna safe passage into the Top 12. Best friends Ava (South Australia) and Zoe (Queensland) followed suit, as did Tristan (Victoria) and Josie (Western Australia).

After an intense flurry of buzzing and spelling, the remaining four teams were neck-and-neck. Max and Rory from Queensland were next to buzz in and won the penultimate spot, while Zachary (NSW) and Luca (South Australia) managed to get ahead of their competition and secured the final team spot in the Top 12.

Jessica and William from NSW, and Beau (Western Australia) and Zeke (Victoria) were left to battle it out in Spelling Bee for the final two places in the Top 12. Beau trippedup on “attendant” while Jessica claimed “cavernous” and Zeke nailed “dexterity”, denying Beau a spot in the Top 12. William slipped up on “casserole”, sending Jessica and Zeke into the Top 12.