Sparks fly as Big Brother gets a new Head of House

Sparks fly as Big Brother gets a new Head of House

Tonight on Big Brother,love and war made its way to the menu starting with Sam’s birthday lunch.

Royalty Reggie whipped up fish and chips for Drew and Sam as they enjoyed an intimate lunch date in the treehouse, but just as their romance had started heating up, another surprise guest turned the house on its head.

Drew’s ex-girlfriend Tully, the other half of Big Brother’s most famous fling, entered as the first-ever Head of House: possessing exclusive privileges, unprecedented power and safety from eviction for an entire week.

Big Brother also stepped up the game by announcing the electrifying Battle Week, with housemates made to fight it out for an all-you-can-eat deluxe Italian feast, while the losers ate canned spaghetti. 

At the nominations challenge, the housemates competed in teams. With the newbies and royalty mixed together, the winning team made the difficult decision to nominate Layla, Johnson and Dave for eviction.  

With the odds stacked against him, super-fan Johnson made a desperate deal with Tim to stay in the game.

At an emotional eviction ceremony, Johnson’s prayers were answered. Layla realised it was time to pass the baton onto Johnson and let him enjoy his first experience in the house, as the housemates farewelled the first Big Brother royalty.

“There’s someone in here that needs to be in here. I just saw his inner child and that made me nostalgic, that used to be me. I wanted to come in Big Brother’s house since I was 11,” said Layla.


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