Space Invaders returns to Saturday Nights on Nine

Space Invaders returns to Saturday Nights on Nine

Leave your baggage at the door when the inspirational and uplifting series Space Invaders returns for its biggest season yet, this weekend.

Bigger and better, and with a new co-host, series three in 2023 will help families confront their overwhelming physical and emotional burdens and stop them drowning in utter clutter, amid the most awe-inspiring transformation of their lives.

This season our intrepid team of remarkable and passionate Space Invaders are the returning dynamic duo of declutter guru Peter Walsh and renovation queen Cherie Barber, joined by treasure hunter Angie Kent (Gogglebox, Bachelorette). They will show those in need how to literally clear their way to newfound happiness at home. 

Each week the Space Invaders will help desperate families lighten their homes and their hearts with amazing renovations and unbelievably huge transformations, while sharing decluttering tips and other tricks that can help us all improve our lives.

Angie, with a love of upcycling and finding new ways to bring old things back to life, uncovers each family’s treasured possessions, discovering their history and helping to rejuvenate them to take a special new place in a brand new space.

Peter’s mission is to lower the load of physical and emotional baggage that has overtaken homes and strained relationships, while empowering people to let go and live the life they deserve, happily clutter-free.

Cherie then takes on the most ambitious renovations yet, turning rooms that were once a jumbled mess into spectacular, jaw-dropping spaces that leave the homeowners gobsmacked.

Watch the emotional stakes rise to unprecedented levels as the extraordinary work of the Space Invaders gives these overwhelmed Aussies the helping hand they need the most – making entire families speechless and full of gratitude.

Saturday, February 4, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.


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