Space Invaders returns next week

Space Invaders returns next week

Get ready for more emotional battles of the heart and mind when the inspirational Space Invaders returns with a bigger, better than ever season of amazing transformations

In neighbourhoods across the nation, Aussies are facing a huge problem with household clutter, and our experts are back to change lives and fix even bigger problems with the biggest transformations yet. Join our remarkable and passionate team of Space Invaders, declutter guru Peter Walsh, renovation queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter LucasCallaghan, as they unite each week to help desperate families lighten their homes and their hearts, turning rooms full of jumbled mess into beautiful, relaxing spaces and providing tips and tricks to help us all declutter and improve our lives. Breaking through their emotional barriers, Peter confronts the overwhelming issues behind family problems to set them free from feeling drowned by unwanted clutter. Cherie then transforms their cleared-out homes, adding spaces and taking dreams to the next level in record time, and Lucas steps in to uncover hidden gems – and treasures that could be worth big money. Watch as strangers open heart and home to the changes they desperately need, for the biggest transformation of their lives, as Space Invaders inspire us all to ask a simple question: how does your clutter affect you? 

Saturday, February 19, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 


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