Sophie’s Saved By The Skin Of Her Teeth.   

<strong>Sophie’s Saved By The Skin Of Her Teeth.   </strong>

The best laid plans came unsteck for a Survivor favourite last night.

To kick off the chaotic day, our tribes entered Reward Challenge to realise Kate had been sent packing, which confirmed the castaways’ theory that solo players in this season are an immediate target. Watch out, Juicy David. 

Red brought the heat at today’s Reward Challenge, winning a delicious morning tea that they generously shared with Blue tribe member Shay, much to Ben’s delight.

Nothing tastes sweeter than a croissant paired with strat-chat, and it was still David that the majority had top of their list for the next culling. But no one tells our Queen what to do – instead Sandra had her sights set on removing Sophie.

It was a tight competition at today’s Immunity Challenge, with a final puzzle challenge sealing the win for Blue tribe, who were invited to watch Red tribe’s bloodbath at Tribal Council. 

It was a heated scramble back at camp, and while David looked like the obvious easy vote, Sandra brought in Michelle and Amy to do the dirty work to bring Sophie’s alliance members Sam and Jesse on board to remove Sophie from the Queen’s game. 

Everyone followed suit, and the plan was activated at Tribal Council, providing five-star entertainment for the observing Blue tribe. 

Sandra was smug as Sophie received the majority of votes, only to learn that Sophie remains in the game, as she moves over to join her sister KJ on the Blue tribe. The game’s lioness has been handed over to her own family and will stop at nothing until justice has been served on those who betrayed her trust. 

Safe to say no one’s safe from Sophie’s wrath tonight on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


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