Solos Review

Solos Review

Today, Amazon releases Solos, its much anticipated anthology series.

The series begins with Leah (Anne Hathaway), a brilliant physicist obsessed with travelling through time for deeply personal reasons but faces a hurdle she could have never predicted. We then move onto Tom (Anthony Mackie) who, after learning that his time on Earth is limited, makes a technological investment for his family.

Then there’s Peg (Helen Mirren), who starts reflecting on her life and her choices that lead her to the once-in-a-lifetime adventure to into space. Elsewhere, we meet Sasha (Uzo Aduba), who tries to outwit her smart home that she fears now be manipulating her to leave, twenty years after global events drove the world to lock themselves inside.

Next up is Jenny (Constance Wu), who has been waiting in a mysterious room for a while when she figures out the gaps in her memory that lead her to the room in the first place. After using a near-future fertility treatment Nera (Nicole Beharie), is a first elated by the birth of her child, but she quickly discovers there is something unusual about her son.

And finally, we close out the series with a young man, Otto (Dan Stevens), searches for an old man, Stuart (Morgan Freeman), who is believed to be suffering from dementia. However, its clear things aren’t that simple and there are surprises in store.

The first season, which consisted of seven half-hour installments, explores character-driven stories showing that even during out most seemingly isolated moments, in the most desperate circumstances, we are all connected through the human experiences. Writer David Weil and the team deliver an intriguing story as the season unfolds.

Assembling a cast of such high caliber is usually a minefield to accommodate them all, but with each actor being front and centre of their own story , it’s like a one-act play masterclass full of brilliant performances.

With compelling stories which all link up as the series progresses and a cast that excel, be sure to put Solos on your weekend watch-list.

5 Stars

Solos is now streaming on Amazon Prime.


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