Sky-high solo dates leave some ladies jealous

Sky-high solo dates leave some ladies jealous

From helicopters to rowboats, the road to real love took an adventurous turn in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife

After spending some time at the Country Ball with 32-year-old flower farmer Erin, Farmer Benjamin was curios to discover whether they shared a deeper connection, leading to a romantic adventure and another kiss. 

While Erin enjoyed her helicopter ride, the other ladies were less than thrilled about their their farmer’s grand gesture. “I was jealous. I’ve never been in a helicopter. That’s pretty wow. Benjamin and I kissed and it will be disappointing if he does develop a deep connection with someone else here. It would be a huge reality check, for me”, said 36-year-old music teacher Lyndsay.

On Will’s farm, 24-year-old hairdresser Alicia was feeling withdrawal symptoms after their first solo date: “Since the girls have come into the house, it’s obviously been a bit hard to adjust because I don’t get Will all to myself anymore. So, I have to try not to go back in my shell. I have to try and speak up because otherwise I’ll get forgotten.”

Alicia’s fears took shape when Will shared a picturesque date with Jess, with the farmer admitting to 25-year-old dental nurse: “Every time I’m around you, I don’t stop smiling. I’m never confused or anxious about what to talk about. You have a really good attitude. It’s refreshing to be around.”

The connection between Paige and 29-year-old carpenter Dylan was obvious after their solo date, with 26-year-old carpenter Glen noticing: “I think there is definitely sparks between them. Seeing them grow a connection does really bother me.”

After her dreamy solo date with Farmer Harry, 22-year-old psychology student Tess visited the local Country Women’s Association along with Harry’s other ladies to get the recipe for a successful country life. While talking to the women there, 23-year-old student pilot Gabrielle realised she might not be suited for the lifestyle, but would move anywhere for the right person.

As Farmer Will and his ladies geared up for some farm work, Alicia refused to join them despite Will’s best efforts to convince her. Later she confessed she is a “a big culprit for overthinking things”. Will’s other two ladies weren’t pleased with Alicia’s way of dealing with pressure. “I think it really highlighted her insecurities”, said 25-year-old legal assistant Madi.

Before the farewell dinner, Alicia told Madi and Jess about her desire to leave the farm. Sensing tension in the air, Will took Alicia outside for a chat, where she told him all was well and she wanted to stay. To Jess and Madi’s surprise, Will announced that he didn’t want to farewell anyone, leading the ladies to take the matters into their own hands. 

After the pair confronted Alicia and the truth was revealed, a shocked Will felt betrayed by this blindside and reneged on his earlier decision. “It’s so disappointing. Honesty underpins the relationship for me. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything”, he said after sending Alicia packing.

At Ben’s farm, 32-year-old salon owner Lisa was missing her daughter, and let Ben know she had decided to leave. “There’s obviously other girls here that are amazing and he can form other connections with other girls and that’s just how the story goes”, she said. A single father himself, Ben confessed he understood “how much she sacrificed to be here”, and wished her goodbye.

Before the night was through, one more partner realised farm life was not for him, as 30-year-old electrician James farewelled Paige. “It’s hard because I genuinely like Paige. She’s unreal. I just don’t see my future on a farm”, he admitted. 

Partners farewelled tonight:

Farmer Ben: Lisa*

Farmer Benjamin: Jen

Farmer Harry: Gabrielle

Farmer Paige: James*

Farmer Will: Alicia

*Lisa and James walked out


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