Sisters Season Finale December 6

In tonight’s season finale of Sisters, Julia (Maria Angelico), Edie (Antonia Prebble) and Roxy (Lucy Durack) face a series of unexpected trials that threaten to drive their new family apart.

Determined to be accepted once and for all as one of the Bechly sisters, Casey (Emily Barclay) issues invitations to a dinner party.

When Isaac (Charlie Garber) pushes Casey into sharing her DNA results, a shocking piece of news regarding the family is revealed. In a mixture of grief, anger and pain, Roxy escapes in the only way she knows how.

As their world crumbles around them will Julia, Edie and Roxy make the choice to face their tribulations alone, or come together as sisters to pick up the pieces?

Sisters airs 9:30pm tonight on Ten