Shut the front gate! Taeler and Elle block all access to the front yard and entrance

 Shut the front gate! Taeler and Elle block all access to the front yard and entrance

Tonight on Dream Home: Two teams adopted a controversial “no doors” policy with their renovated spaces, while Taeler and Elle came to blows with head builder, Luca, after the sisters blocked access to the front yard of Mel and Brad’s Northcote home. 

Watsonia Homeowners: Taeler and Elle

Renovators: Brad and Mel; Lara and Peter; Rhys and Liam

Lara and Peter continued with their plans to deliver a contemporary Scandi-inspired facade with timber cladding and a landscaped garden. Worried she didn’t have enough plants to fill the space, Lara approached Rhys and Liam for some cash. The brothers obliged with $2000, agreeing the front of the house needed to look amazing.

While Rhys worked his tiling magic in the ensuite, Liam struggled with the study; the smallest space was proving to be the most difficult. 

Determined to deliver on Elle’s luxe brief for a master bedroom and walk-in robe, Brad and Mel purchased art, a chandelier and a bed – totally smashing their budget. With only $61 left in their pocket and still to pay trades, the pair realised they needed to return the luxurious bed.

Host Dr Chris Brown paid a visit to the site and questioned some controversial design decisions. Brad and Mel decided against doors on their wardrobe, arguing it would compromise the luxe feel, while Rhys and Liam chose not to include a door in their bathroom, saying it was like an art installation and deserved to be seen!  

Northcote Homeowners: Brad and Mel

Renovators: Taeler and Elle; Hannah and Jonny; Jordan and Jacinta

Taeler and Elle tackled the facade and 12-year-old Ginger’s bedroom but were nervous about preparing an age-appropriate room. Motivated by an artwork purchase, the girls settled on lilac and purple themes for the room.

Jacinta and Jordan were thrilled to see the plasterboard sheeting on the bedroom walls, but Jordan had to work through the night painting undercoat to ensure the space would be ready for the Venetian plastering.

With the Venetian plaster underway, Jacinta went shopping and, in a stroke of good fortune, selected the very same bed that Brad and Mel were forced to return from the Watsonia home.

Returning home, Jacinta discovered that sisters Taeler and Elle had sealed off the front of the house after growing tired of the front yard being used as a communal storage and workshop area.

This immediately caused friction with other teams and head builder, Luca, who refused to speak with the sisters.


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