Shock Departures Shifts The Mansion’s Energy

Shock Departures Shifts The Mansion’s Energy

With Jasmine’s acceptance of a rose from Thomas still in the air, tonight’s episode kicked off with a bang. Or should that be the thump of suitcase wheels down the staircase?

Having enough of the toxic environment in the mansion, CJ, Marjorie and Tash packed their bags, jumped in the car and said sayonara to the Bach Mansion.

Osher then had the job of breaking this news to Thomas and Jed, the two Bachelors who this impacted. Jed was surprised as he thought his connection with Tash was strong and couldn’t see how she’d leave the mansion if she felt the same way.

To brighten their spirits, single and group dates were on the cards with the latter seeing each Bach’s ladies partaking in some wine and bug rolls at a GC location. Not content with just a chat with Felix, Krystal took a chance and launched into the surf fully clothed, proving she was both spontaneous and keen to get to know him better.

Back at the mansion, the rose ceremony was a decidedly quieter affair with Felix saying goodbye to Jenae.


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