Shell-shocked recruits endure day one of Hell Week

Shell-shocked recruits endure day one of Hell Week

Tonight on SAS Australia: Hell Week, 14 everyday Aussies began a brutal one week version of the SAS selection course, which saw them metaphorically and literally p*ss their pants.

Their first task was to fall backwards off a 10 metre high crane into a lake, which was swiftly followed by a ferocious physical thrashing known as a beasting.

As the shell-shocked recruits came to terms with the harsh realities of life on the most intense selection course ever attempted, fashion designer Lena was brought in for questioning after struggling with the morning’s tasks.

The mum-of-two, a domestic violence survivor, shared her story with the DS who observed she’s still carrying a lot of anger and encouraged her to move forward.

“Get a grip of yourself, let go of the past, trust the process, embrace it and you will learn something new, I promise you that,” said Chief Instructor Ant Middleton.

Off the back of another group beasting, brought upon them by duty recruit Bassim’s screw up, came a savage hand-to-hand combat test which left recruits bloodied, bruised and battered.

Bassim later came under fire from the DS as his place on the course was brought into question.

“It’s my fault,” admitted Bassim. “I f*cked up, I want to make up for it.”  

The DS had one final surprise, springing a kit inspection on the unprepared recruits in the early hours of the morning, before punishing them for their lack of attention to detail with a torturous 90 minute beasting.

The gruelling punishment took its toll, with both Lena and Kirsten choosing to hand in their numbers and voluntarily withdraw (VW) from the course.

“It’s going to get colder, it’s going to get wetter, it’s going to get more painful and you are going to suffer more and more,” Middleton warned the remaining recruits. “So if you think this evening was f*cking hard, today is the f*cking easiest day.”


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