Shay Lives To Play Another Day.

<strong>Shay Lives To Play Another Day.</strong>

Despite Joker Jordie’s best efforts, The Committee remained calm and in control tonight as they set their sights on the remaining singles. 

Reeling from his brother’s blindside, Jordie knew better than to get sucked into Sam’s offer of a secret alliance that would see Jesse’s idol keep them safe – he was now playing for revenge as a solo agent.

Spurred on by the knowledge that he was no longer safe in the majority, Jordie left nothing to chance as he reclaimed the Immunity necklace at today’s challenge. 

Jordie’s new jewellery had everyone at camp miffed, as they scrambled to work out a Plan B. The core alliance, now named The Committee, settled on Shay to start their takedown of the remaining singles. 

Jordie hustled the singles together as he pitched for them to make a huge move and remove Mark, but David gently let him know that now was not the time to make juicy moves.

At Tribal Council, Jordie was a man with nothing to lose as he continued to rally for the singles to band together to make a move. However, The Committee stuck to their plan, placing all their votes on Shay.

But it wasn’t all over for Shay, as she learnt that her game continued – in Purgatory. 


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