Sharn Shifts Alliances in nail biting tribal

Sharn Shifts Alliances in nail biting tribal

it was one of the most nail-biting tribal councils in Australian Survivor history.

After last night’s epic blindside of Zach, Jacqui was on cloud nine  . David on the other hand was left reeling and determined to knock Jacqui off her perch.

Tonight’s reward challenge saw the tribe battling it out for an overnight rainforest retreat, complete with all the creature comforts they were so desperately missing – a shower, soap, a bed and food as far as the eye could see!

While Shonee put in an impressive fight, she was no match for the Golden God, David.

Taking out the reward, David chose to take Sharn, Moana and Tarzan, which did not sit well with Jacqui.

Back at the beach, Shonee was excited to have 24 hours to work her social magic on Jacqui and secure her in her alliance with Brooke and AK.

At the immunity challenge, the tribe had to compete in a series of obstacles, with only the fastest players at each stage, moving on to the next round.

The battle came down to Tarzan, David and Brooke competing in a puzzle. In a suspenseful climax between David and Brooke, David managed to compete his puzzle first and win himself individual immunity.

At Tribal Council, the tribe cast their first round of votes before David played one of his immunity idols for his favourite wingman, Tarzan.

Unfortunately for David, the idol was wasted with all eight votes split between Jacqui and Moana.

With a split vote, the tribe was forced to vote again with the exception of Jacqui and Moana who had to sit back and await their fate.

In an Australian Survivor first, the votes remained tied in the second round, which is where things started to get interesting!

The six players who didn’t receive votes had to come to unanimous decision about who to send home. However, if they couldn’t agree, the game would then flip. Jacqui and Moana would remain safe, as well as David and Tarzan, forcing the remaining players to draw rocks. Whoever pulls out the odd rock would be sent packing.

AK, Shonee and Brooke were convinced they should go to rocks but Sharn wasn’t giving up without a fight. After a very impressive pitch, Sharn assured the Vakama three that she would join their alliance and form the majority if they all agreed to vote Jacqui out of the game.

It was a huge gamble for the Vakama three but in the end, they put their trust in Sharn and voted Jacqui out of the game and onto the Jury.