Sharks Spend Big On Sunscreen, Suits And Sock Drawer Heroes

Sharks Spend Big On Sunscreen, Suits And Sock Drawer Heroes

Across this season of Shark Tank Australia, our Sharks have invested over $4million, and in tonight’s season finale, the Sharks still had plenty of cash left in the Tank. But which entrepreneurs were worth the risk, and reeled in this season’s final killer deals?

First up to face the Sharks was scientist turned mum, turned entrepreneur, Stephanie Bream from Perth. Her clever sun-safe business, Sundust is a glittered sunscreen, whose glitter wears off, to remind you to reapply. Seeking investment of $100,000 for a 20% share to broaden the business to business sales, and increase online marketing, four Sharks bowed out, leaving just Robert. Seeing the potential of the product in the North American market, Robert countered with $100,000 for 75% of that market, with Stephanie agreeing to the sparkly deal.

Sydney best friends Daniel and Luke aren’t just snappy dressers, they’re aiming to help individuals to smarten up their act with Suitor,  Australia’s first and only online suit hire company. Seeking $250,000 for 10% equity, they managed to sew up a lifechanging deal, reeling in Sabri and Davie for a shared deal of $250,000 for 15%.

Hoping to change lives with their products, were Bec and Erin. Relying on their own lived experience and that of the gender-diverse community, they co-founded Australia’s leading gender expression company, Sock Drawer Heroes, providing affordable gender affirming products and resources to the trans and gender diverse community. Entering the Tank seeking $120,000 for a 7.5% stake of the business, it was the pair’s shared focus between retail, and their online and physical store, that saw Sharks Sabri, Davie, Robert and Jane choose not to invest. However, seeing this as an investment for growth to better service the community, Catriona, who is on her own gender identity journey, enticed fashion expert Jane, back to the bargaining table, securing an impressive $120,000 for 16% of the business between the two.

Catriona said: “Bec and Erin’s pitch and business was one of the most impressive I’d seen on Shark Tank Australia. My reasons for investing were that the Founders are excellent, the business is profitable and serves an important community, and that I identify as non-binary and genderqueer – so I want to support businesses that are led by gender diverse people”.

Unfortunately, missing out on the final investment for the season, was Brandscent, the husband and wife team, providing science-backed scent marketing to businesses.


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