Sharks Put Health And Well-Being First.

On tonight’s Shark Tank Australia season premiere, our brand-new sharks armed with their own cashand brand-new Aussie entrepreneurs, were ready to enter a brand-new Tank for the chance to change their lives forever.

First up in the Tank was 28-year-old Davey from Victoria, founder of skincare brand, Boring Without You. The business had seen phenomenal organic traction through TikTok, over its nine-month inception, with Davey seeking $36,000 for 20% equity. Impressed, Marketing King Sabri, e-commerce giant Davie, fashion phenomenon Jane, and global businessman Robert, counter-offered for a chunk of Davey’s business, with the entrepreneur snapping up an irresistible offer of $50,000 for 20%, from his favourite shark, Davie.

Putting his best foot forward and waiting for his chance to face the Sharks, was Victorian entrepreneur and podiatrist, Thien. Ready to stop pain from the feet up, Thien was seeking $50,000 for a 10% stake in his cork insole business, STRYDA. Emotions ran high as Thien revealed his upbringing as a refugee from Vietnam, striking a chord with Shark Robert, who fought back tears as he told his story of growing up as an immigrant in a foreign country. As the only insole made with over 90% cork and impressive margins to back, Sabri, Davie, Jane and Robert bandied together and made Thien a deal he couldn’t refuse – $50,000 for 40% of the business.

Unfortunately, missing out on investments tonight, were the lightweight portable mini-cinema Pixxie; robotic sparring device, the Punching Pro; and innovative men’s underwear brand, VANTA.  


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