Shark Tank returns to Tuesdays in May

Shark Tank returns to Tuesdays in May

Australia’s business superstars are back and they are ready to invest, as Ten’s  Shark Tank is set to return next month. 

Narrated by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, Shark Tank brings together five of the country’s most powerful business leaders, who are ready to put their own cash on the line and turn the next big idea into a profitable venture.

Australia’s Sharks are internet pioneer Steve Baxter, Boost Juice entrepreneur Janine Allis, international businessman Andrew Banks, RedBalloon experience founder Naomi Simson and Dr Glen Richards, founder of Australia’s largest pet-care company Greencross.

The inventions and ideas floated in the Tank this year range from the brilliant to the bizarre. They include the world’s first fully articulated, life-like and camera-ready prosthetic baby, an online site selling rude and un-PC gifts, and a “donug”, a cross between a chicken nugget and a donut. In a Shark Tank Australia first, one pitch will send Steve Baxter storming off the set in anger.

Worth more than $1 billion collectively, the five Sharks are ready to judge the products and concepts pitched to them by ordinary Australians. Smart, shrewd and unapologetically direct, Steve, Janine, Andrew, Naomi and Glen will decide whether they are willing to put their own dollars on the line to invest in these products and ideas. 

Network Ten Executive Producer, Paul Leadon, said: “Season four of Shark Tank ramps up the rivalry between our five alpha Sharks, as they battle each other for the best deals. And there’s plenty to fight over; from a schoolboy whose business is already turning over $500,000 a year, to a 75-year-old with a radical new approach to the electric drill. Deals will be closed and doors will be opened.”

The Sharks have invested over $21 million of their own money since series one. While they are happy to take the bait for brilliant ideas, the pitches that are less than impressive will be torn to shreds

Shark Tank Season Four premieres Tuesday 15 May At 8.30pm on Ten