Shannon’s Ambition Gets The Best Of Her

Shannon’s Ambition Gets The Best Of Her

At Brawn 2.0, original Brawn outnumbered the ex-Brains. With the numbers to keep strong, Shannon still had her sights set on Simon, and while the ex-Brains stuck together, Hayley hoped to find a crack in the original Brawn.

As the Tribes arrived at the challenge, Jonathan threw a curveball. Today, two members from each Tribe would receive a delicious champagne Reward and Individual Immunity, and both Tribes would also face the Tribal Council vote.

Challenged to complete an intricate obstacle course, it was Andrew and Wai who each came out on top and scored Individual Immunity for Brawn, and Emmett and Rachel for Brains. Meanwhile, Georgia was evacuated from the challenge site due to illness and permitted to leave the game for 24 hours.

Back at Brawn, Hayley made a bold move, telling her Tribe that she will use her Idol to save either herself or Baden; Shannon masterminded a plan to team up with the ex-Brains, vote out Chelsea and flush Simon’s Idol; while Dani hatched a plan to team up with the ex-Brains and vote out Shannon. With this intel, the ex-Brains had all the power heading into Tribal.

At a lively Tribal Council, Laura tallied the most votes for Brains, and Shannon for Brawn. Another twist was then revealed. The four Individual Immunity holders; Andrew, Wai, Emmett and Rachel, were left to decide whether it would be Laura or Shannon to leave the game. After Simon revealed Shannon’s betrayal of Chelsea, the four unanimously decided to vote her out and our model Castaway was sent home.


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