Seven’s week of finales farewells Downton Abbey and How I Met Your Mother

Seven has decided it’s schedule for next week.

On Sunday night Seven will screen the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.

In London, the family prepares for Rose’s ‘coming out’ event. When the Crawleys are implicated in a scandal that threatens the monarchy, Robert goes to great lengths to protect them before it destroys them all.  Isobel finds herself with an admirer while Edith is wrestling with a moral dilemma. Robert goes to great lengths to protect his family from a scandal

9 PM Sunday on Seven

Also ending this week will be How I Met Your Mother the show which ended in March in the US will screen a double episode on Monday at 9:30 PM

Gary Blauman / The End Of The Aisle

On his first date with the Mother, Ted tells the story of a guest who arrives for Robin and Barney’s wedding but discovers everyone has an opinion on whether or not he should stay.  Then, 30 minutes before the wedding, both Robin and Barney are having jitters. Ted struggles with the truth about the locket and Lily and Marshall realise they haven’t upheld all of their own vows

The two part finale will screen on Thursday at 9:30 PM

“Last Forever 

In the final episode of the series, Ted finally finishes telling his kids the story of how he met their mother