Seven weaves Magic with Cosentino

Seven weaves Magic with Cosentino

Cosentino who made a name for himself on Australia’s Got Talent returns to 7 next week with an all new special. 

A year in the making, Cosentino’s high-adrenalin mix of all new spectacular stage illusions, death-defying escapes and stunts are the most dangerous he has ever attempted.
A spinning steel blade “Scorpion” is set to cut him in half. 15 razor sharp knives are loaded in a rack that could plunge through his head. Six metres underwater, Cosentino will be chained inside a metal cage with literally seconds to live.
Cosentino is Australia’s answer to Houdini and is the number one illusionist in the country.
Featuring footage from his packed out audiences at Melbourne’s The Palms At Crown and unbelievable impromptu street tricks with the public, Cosentino opens the doors to his private world – inviting cameras for the first time backstage during his test runs. “This time we pull back the curtain and let the viewers into my world with behind the scenes footage of what it takes to create a dangerous stunt, and what can happen if it goes wrong,” says Cosentino.

Cosentino does not hide the harsh reality of the risks involved. The cameras keep rolling when rehearsals grind to a halt and Cosentino is sent to hospital to undergo surgery.

Cosentino – The Magic, The Mystery, The Madness premieres Tuesday, August 27 at 7.30pm.



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