Seven unleashes two ABBA specials over two Tuesday’s

If your a fan of ABBA keep an eye on Seven over the next two Tuesday.

Tomorrow night Seven will screen the Special ABBA: When Four Become One at 10:30pm

We all know the ABBA story, but what did Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Frida do before they became ABBA? When the group won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo, it was not a case of overnight success – the members already had a decade behind them as artists: as struggling solo performers and dance band singers, and as members of some of the biggest band of the Sixties. Trace the lives of the four ABBA members and their journey towards stardom, step by step, chapter by chapter, showing the organic evolution of one of the truly legendary pop acts.

The Following week ABBA: Absolute Image  10:30pm Tuesday September 10.

Take a look at a side of ABBA that hasn’t previously been seen in a television documentary – their costumes, design concepts, music videos and visual presentation – and go on an entertaining journey through the fashion madness of the Seventies, the fun stories behind the group’s endearing music videos – and much more!

please let these be the last of them



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