Seven tries something different with Secret Bridesmaids’ Business Scheduling

Seven is trying something different with the scheduling of Secret Bridesmaids’ Business when it begins next week.

Seven will show no more than 4 x 1 minute ad breaks when it airs the super addictive series. Seven will also air the first three episodes across 3 nights.

In this addictive, six-part, romantic thriller, the power of female friendship could prove the difference between life and death.
A bride’s perfect wedding turns deadly after one of her bridesmaids unwittingly invites a malevolent stranger into their lives, triggering a life-threatening chain reaction that blows open a hidden world of intimate secrets.

It features Abbie Cornish, Katie McGrath, Georgina Haig, Alexander England, Oliver Ackland, Dan Spielman, Annie Jones and Nicholas Bell in key roles.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business airs 9pm Sunday September 29 and continues Monday & Tuesday.