Seven to show Best Bits on Tuesdays

Seven to show Best Bits on Tuesdays

Seven has announced new show Best Bits to air next week.

Even the most dedicated television viewers can’t catch every unique, funny and awkward moment that goes to air each week  and Best Bits aims to help with that.

Every fun, surprising, laugh out loud moment that is screened on TV around the world will be vying for a starring role on Best bits where it will be scrutinised and dissected by four of our favourite, sharp-witted comedians each week.

“Best Bits is the show I was born to host,” says host Sam Mac . “Although I did say the exact same thing about Embarrassing Bodies.

“I’m a TV nerd so this show will be the perfect opportunity to have a laugh at just how ridiculous entertainment is in 2016. Except forChannel 7 shows which are always meaningful, expertly produced and world class,” adds Sam.

In its simplest form, the show is a bunch of funny people dissecting TV clips and viral videos.

A unique take on the week that was with a massive injection of comedy, Best Bits  will relive the highlights and lowlights of popularculture in a weekly hit of regurgitated clips.

“Best Bits turns TV clips into a half hour of television hilarity,” says executive producer Matt McPhail. “It covers the entire gamut ofour viewing habits at a cracking pace which means it is always funny and fast moving. Its pace means you never have to wait longfor the next big laugh.”

Best Bits premieres Tuesday 29 March at 10pm on Seven.