Seven Stars Serve 13 Starving Stomachs.

Seven Stars Serve 13 Starving Stomachs.

It was a big episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! that involved towels and stars.

At the top of today’s Camp Calamity trial, Ash expressed his disappointment at Adam and Symon’s “embarrassing” seven-star effort the day prior.

One may say Ash set himself and Jess up for failure, as they too only got managed to get seven stars for the camp, as they worked their way through a series of camping obstacle courses.

In rolled the camp’s luxury items, and finally Adam and Symon were able to prove their worth by opening a physiotherapy clinic.

Today was not Pettifleur’s day. Instead it was the birth of Towel-Gate. As we know, Pettifleur does not settle for anything less than a scorching hot shower, and today our campmates were gifted with hot showers.

Tragically, not only was Pettifleur’s first ever jungle shower cut short, but she emerged to find her towel had gone missing.

It was nothing short of a soap opera – and not even Dipper’s court proceeding could solve the Towel-Gate mystery. Petty pals makes for a feisty blur of Pettifleur!