Seven sets Wednesday as crime night

Seven sets Wednesday  as crime night

Seven looks set to make Wednesday nights crime night from next week.

At 7:30 PM a new episode of Highway Patrol which will be followed by new episodes of The Force at 8 PM.

Criminal Minds will kick off season 9 with a double episode premiere which aired in The US last September and October respectively.

“The Inspiration” and “The Inspired.”
In the season premiere, the BAU heads to Arizona to help locate a methodical killer with bizarre rituals. They also speculate that Hotch is in the running to be the new BAU unit chief.

New series Motive will air at 10:30 PM The Canadian crime procedural has 13 episodes in it’s first season which aired in Canada in 2013.

In a new thriller that reveals the killer at the start of each episode, a feisty detective investigates the murder of a teacher and pursues a trail left by a thief known as ‘The Creeper’.


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