Seven sets Wanted for Tuesday

Seven sets Wanted for Tuesday

No surprises here with Seven locking in Wanted for Tuesday nights.

Wanted stars  Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewell in the lead roles with Steve Peacocke and Ryan Corr.

Chelsea and Lola are two strangers who’ve silently shared a bus stop every morning for two years. In every conceivable way they’re polar opposites, but underneath they share a quiet desperation of a life not fully lived.

Then one morning, these two strangers are caught up in a carjacking gone wrong and are kidnapped. Now they must put aside their considerable differences and work together to survive. But when they’re framed for murder by a corrupt police officer, they’re forced to go on the run across Australia in a car full of stolen money.

What each woman doesn’t know, however, is that they both carry dark secrets from their past – secrets that will keep them running as much as the growing number of predators on their tail.

As they make their way across the ever-changing landscapes of the Australian continent, Chelsea and Lola will learn to trust one another despite their jarringly different views on just about everything, and eventually – maybe – trust themselves.

The strong, free women they will become bear no resemblance to the unfulfilled and isolated women they’ve left behind. In the face of relentless danger and possible death, they’ve never felt more alive.

9pm Tuesday February 9 on Seven