Seven Schedules Blacklist Shield and Defiance on Wednesday

Seven has locked in US programming for Wednesday night.

The Blacklist staring James Spader will resume from episode 11 which aired in the US in January.

“The Good Samaritan

As the hunt for a mole inside the FBI targets the Blacklist team, Liz (Megan Boone) uncovers a surprising connection between a serial killer and his victims. Red (James Spader) methodically tracks down those involved the attempt on his life.

8:45pm Wednesday February 12th on Seven

Following at 9:45 will be the return of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which will pick up from episode 10 which aired in December in the US.

“The Bridge”
Coulson takes the war back to Centipede, and this time he brings in Mike Peterson for some super-soldier support. As they get closer to the truth, startling secrets are revealed and an unexpected twist threatens the team

Closing out the evening will be US sci-fi series Defiance which stars Australian Grant Bolwer and Julie Benz at 10:45.

Set in the year 2046, Defiance introduces an exotically transformed planet Earth following the sudden – and tumultuous – arrival of seven unique alien races. In this somewhat unpredictable landscape, a diverse and newly-formed civilization of humans and aliens must learn to co-exist peacefully.