Seven Returns My Kitchen Rules and launches new shows

Seven Returns My Kitchen Rules and launches new shows

Next week Seven has a lot of new content for the second week of Easter non ratings.

As well as previously announced new shows Intelligence and Under The Hammer new episodes of My Kitchen Rules, Resurrection and  Parenthood will also air.


6:30pm Inside Queen Mary 2

7:30pm Dog Patrol

8:00pm Animal Airport

8:30pm Criminal Minds ( Double Repeat)

10:30pm Royal Pains (new(



7:00pm Home and Away

7:30pm My Kitchen Rules

9:00pm Revenge

10:00pm How I Met Your Mother

10:30pm Suits

11:30pm Parks and Recreation



7:30pm My Kitchen Rules

8:45pm Resurrection

9:45pm Parenthood double

11:45pm Smash



7:30pm My Kitchen Rules

9:00pm Intelligence

10:00pm Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD double

11:55pm Defiance



8:00pm Homes Under the Hammer

8:30pm Movie: Mamma Mia

11:00pm Parks and Recreation double

 Please note this guide is for the Brisbane market other states are advised to check local guides



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