Seven Returns Mr Selfridge and Grey’s Anatomy

Seven Returns Mr Selfridge and Grey’s Anatomy

If you have been waiting for new Grey’s Anatomy or anther batch of Mr Selfridge your about to be rewarded as both shows return to Seven next week.

The Jeremy Piven led series will continue a period drama theme and  follow A Place to Call Home on Sunday nights. This second season comprises of just 10 episodes.

It’s the five year anniversary of the store’s opening, faces old and new make an appearance and though business is booming for Harry Selfridge, his personal life looks much less smooth-sailing.

 9:40 Sunday on Seven.

Meanwhile the doctors of Seattle Grace are back on call on Monday night’s following Revenge. The series resumes with episodes 11 and 12 that returned in the US in January.

Man On The Moon / Get Up, Stand Up”
April’s sisters arrive for the wedding, while Matt and Jackson are forced to work together. Callie and Arizona work on their marriage and a familiar face returns to the hospital. Then, on April’s wedding day, all the doctors seem preoccupied.

10 PM Monday on Seven