Seven Moves Tricked adds Young, Lazy & Driving Us Crazy to Thursday

Seven Moves Tricked adds Young, Lazy & Driving Us Crazy to Thursday

After having the benefit of a My Kitchen Rules on Sunday magical series Tricked has moved after just one episode.

The series will move to 8 PM Thursday after a double episode of Home and Away and will see Coastwatch OZ removed from the schedule after 2 episodes.

This week  Joe Swash has the world’s scariest spa treatment and Ben makes Stacey Solomon go completely ape in a zoo.

8 PM Thursday on Seven

Following that will be brand new reality series Young, Lazy & Driving Us Crazy hosted by Lawrence Mooney it sees 10 teenagers taken out of their comfort zone of living at home and living together

All over Australia thousands of baby boomer parents are still raising overgrown kids. These ‘kids’ have grown in age, but that’s about it. They refuse to grow up, get a job and move out of home. But for ten fed up parents, all of this is about to change.

In this new series  the group ranging in ages from 18 to 23, who have been waited on hand and foot their whole lives are set to have their lives turned upside down when they are thrust into the adult world of responsibility. For the one who can cut it in the world of adulthood the prize is a $20,000 trust fund and the respect of their parents. These young adults must live together in a house and fend for themselves. Living on a basic weekly budget, these overgrown children experience a new way of life, a far cry from the comforts of home. They must cook, clean, look after themselves AND go to work!

Each week they must compete in different work challenges, set by their parents, to test various factors of maturity, from team work and responsibility to good old fashioned hard work.The parents watch exactly what the kids have been up to and vote out the one who have made the least effort.


9pm Thursday February 13 on Seven.



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