Seven locks in House Rules Finale confirms rest of prime time

Seven locks in House Rules Finale confirms rest of prime time

In what will come as no surprise Channel Seven has finally confirmed the schedule for next week.

The House Rules Finale will air live  at 6:30 PM on Sunday.

Two teams will go head to head in the Grand Final tonight to battle it out for the ultimate prize of becoming mortgage free. Which team will walk away with the life-changing prize and the House Rules 2014 crown?

Sunday Night will follow at 8:30 PM with A Place to Call Home at 9:30 PM

This also leaves a few gaps in the schedule from Monday which has also been filled. Anh Do begins his travel to Brazil.

Anh travels to Rio de Janeiro to bring us his unique take on the people, places, cuisine, customs and culture of modern-day Brazil. Tonight, Anh learns the samba at the biggest party on the planet, Carnival. He tries the dare devil sport of waterfall surfing, before visiting the world’s most important river system, the Amazon.

Tuesday  at 7:30 fans are  given a brand new  double Highway Patrol.

When a man is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs, the fine and his job are the least of his worries after his partner finds out. Then if you drive a hoon-mobile, expect to be pulled over. But it’s what happens next that is unexpected.

Next Wednesday (July 9) a double Border Security: International kicks off at 7:30. It will be followed by the premiere of The iron Lady and the final Autopsy special at 10:40PM.

On Thursday night  at 8PM there is a special on Jumbo Jets

The incredible story of the Boeing 747 and how it transformed the world when it took to the skies in 1970.  However, even though the 747 was remarkable, this first wide-body airliner was a billion dollar gamble that took technology to the limits – and nearly destroyed the Boeing Company.  

The following week should see the start of new shows but as usual things aren’t confirmed



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