Seven Launches Under the Hammer on Thursdays

Seven Launches Under the Hammer on Thursdays

Under The Hammer sounds a kit like Hot Property.

The series sees people buying and selling their houses. it’s narrated by Scott Pope.


 Buying or selling your home can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. For many of us, that means going head to head at an auction. Jules and Henrik have been house hunting for their first home for over a year with no luck. Jules’ father, Ian has offered financial assistance but with strings attached; they must buy a house not an apartment. But will their differences collide at auction?

Then, after separating from her husband, Katia needs to sell her home at auction for a good price to pay for the new home she is hoping to buy on the same day! With two auctions on the same day, it’s double the stress that could push her to breaking point.

8 PM Thursdays on Seven From April 24.