Seven hopes factual programming will fill the gaps

Seven hopes factual programming will fill the gaps

With The X Factor wrapping up last night Seven has revealed that factual programming will fill the gaps

Monday Nights from 7:30 will include new episodes of Highway Patrol and the new Air Rescue

Monday Nov 4
7:30pm Highway Patrol
A man does a runner from the scene of a crash and when officers find him, it becomes clear why he wanted to evade police. Then, Police spot a car with stolen plates. The driver is homeless and sleeps in his car but it’s what he cuddles up to that’s the real concern. Then, officers are confronted with a naked driver and a car filled with porn and sex toys.

8pm Air Rescue
Australia’s notorious coastline lives up to its reputation as The Westpac Rescue Crew responds to a shark attack victim, while a daring rock fisherman risks his life for the perfect catch. Then, an elderly man is evacuated after his battle with chest pain rapidly deteriorates.

Seven also has locked in Motorway Patrol and Survaluenice Oz for Wednesdays from 9:30 PM

Wednesday Nov 6
9:30pm Surveillance Oz
High speed surveillance from Victoria Police Airwing monitor a wanted man, a drunk driver leaves a trail of destruction at a Wilson car park and a car is clipped by a truck in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and spins 180 degrees. Then, a woman attempts to steal nursery items disguised as a baby in a stolen pram and a man is distracted talking on his phone and falls onto the train tracks.

10pm Motorway Patrol
Police encounter a drunk driver who seems to have lost her trousers and an overexcited ute full of men off to a stag party.