Seven had Mel B secured for X Factor

Seven had agreed to Mel B not continuing with Dancing with the Stars but believed it had secured her for The X Factor, a Sydney court has heard.

Seven’s Director of Production Brad Lyons said of Dancing With The Stars, “I know Mel wasn’t happy on that show.

But he said she was a “very good judge” on The X-Factor.

“… She was a judge in 2011, 2012 and secured for 2013.”

But problems arose due to visa issues.

“He said that the two fathers of her two children were not happy with them residing in Australia for a long time, and were refusing to sign consent forms so they could get visas to come to Australia,” he said. “He said they were involved in custody battles in LA and London and there was no way the fathers were going to sign consent forms.”

“I said, ‘well, we’re not going drag her away from her kids … [but] we have an agreement in place and if she’s going to work in Australia she has to work for Seven.”

“He said, ‘yes, yes, of course, buddy, we’re Seven people through and though but she has to live in LA’.”

Lyons also told the court he had been thinking about other ways to keep Brown involved with The X Factor in another capacity.

An injunction preventing Brown from working with Nine for Australia’s Got Talent is currently under order.

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