Seven commissions What Really Happens In Bali

Seven commissions  What Really Happens In Bali

Yet another travel series from Seven and i’m not sure on this one.

Every year, close to one million Aussie holidaymakers and expats pour into the magical island of  Bali seeking sun, fun and sometimes a new life. For many, it’s a place of adventure, opportunity  and non-stop partying, but this island paradise can turn into a living hell.

What Really Happens In Bali  gives viewers unprecedented access inside Bali’s busiest international emergency rooms at BIMC and Sanglah Hospitals so we can see just what happens when holiday plans go awry. From motorbike and surfing accidents, to methanol poisoning, drunken falls and fights, STD’s and more, we learn the hidden dangers behind a trip to paradise. The series also offers a front row seat to the people and experiences that make the island tick – from schoolies experiencing their first taste of freedom, to Bali Fashion Week-wannabes, detoxing celebrities, expats with new business ventures and even the self-confessed Aussie lothario who claims he’s slept with over 100 women in 90 days.

We meet the individuals returning to Bali after the 2002 Bali bombings and venture inside Kerobokan Prison to see what life is like for the Aussies who came to Bali, but may never leave.

What Really Happens In Bali Seven’s Head of Factual Programming, Dan Meenan, said: “Some of the footage is almost hard to believe with the show’s cameras capturing serious accidents and injuries as they happen. It’s edge-of-the-seat real life drama.”

What Really Happens In Bali is coming soon to Seven 


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