Seven Changes Thursdays again Delays Bones with specials

Seven has changed it’s Thursday night schedule again this time though it seems to be because of recent events.

At 8:30 PM Seven will screen an Air Crash Investigators  QANTAS Flight 32 – Emergency In The Sky

In November 2010, Australian QANTAS Flight 32, en route to Sydney Airport, suffered an uncontained engine explosion shortly after take-off. Pilots and experts tell their harrowing tale of what went wrong and how one wrong move could have ended in disaster.

There was a Channel 9 special on the same flight not too long ago.

At 9:30 Seven will screen an encore The Man With The Biggest Testicles who passed away on the weekend.

Not so long ago Wesley had a job and was living life to the full. Then, in 2008, he knocked his testicles while turning over in bed, causing a sharp pain. This caused the tissue around his testicles to swell and they’ve been growing ever since. This documentary follows the 49-year-old during a crucial year, revealing his humiliating daily struggles and detailing the trailblazing surgery that might just save his life.

Bones will resume next week.