Seven Changes Monday and locks in comedy Tuesdays

Seven Changes Monday and locks in comedy Tuesdays

With Celebrity Splash being moved to later in the week Seven has issued a schedule changes listed below

Monday May 13th (changes are for Non AFL markets)

7:30 Dynamo: Magician Impossible

8:30 Revenge

9:30 Grey s Anatomy double

11:30 Private Practice returns with episode 10 of season 6 entitled Georgia on My Mind

Charlotte stresses the doctors out when she continues to run Saint Ambrose Hospital from her doctor- ordered bed rest. Meanwhile, scared that Charlotte might never leave the hospital, Mason begins acting out in school

Tuesday May 14th

7:30 House Rules
8:45 Packed to the Rafters
9:45 Border Security: International
10:15 Travel Unravelled

When holidays go wrong, they go very wrong. From angry ostriches and swimsuit malfunctions to airport meltdowns, and you’re about to see just how bad some travel experiences can be.

10:45 Cougar Town kicks off it’s 4th season that just recently finished in the US]

It’s the first week of marriage for Grayson and Jules, but when Grayson doesn’t know the rules, he soon becomes Jules’ ‘coffee and wine bitch.’ After Travis’ 21st birthday, Bobby tries to make up for lost time by teaching him lessons about being a man. Meanwhile, Ellie and Laurie try to pull Jules out of her depression when Grayson refuses to apologise for what he did in her dream

11:15 The Mindy Project returns with episode 10 of Season 1

When Mindy’s brother visits from college, he tells Mindy that he wants to drop out and start a rap career, immediately causing Mindy to panic. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy lift the spirits of their elderly landlord with the hopes that she will reduce their office rent.


11:35 Happy Endings Also resumes with episode 15 of season 3

Max meets a cute girl who is a season tickets holder for the Bulls, leaving him no choice but to pretend to be straight, of course! Meanwhile, Alex is tired of everyone dismissing her as the dim-witted blonde, so she becomes well read to prove them wrong. However her newfound knowledge completely throws the whole group dynamic off and no one likes it.

 Meanwhile Border Security: International moves to 7:30pm this Sunday night.

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