Seven Bumps Thursday Schedule by half an hour

Seven Bumps Thursday Schedule by half an hour

Seven’s Thursday Schedule has been a bit hit and miss of late. but will changing it solve the problem.

At 8 PM Seven will air a new Border Security International pushing everything forward by 30 minutes

Thursday August 8
8:30pm Please Marry My Boy
This week, the three mums set a task to find out which potential bride would be great with their future grandchildren. At Brad’s old primary school a ‘show and tell’ session goes horribly wrong. Nathan’s mum Doreen sees after school care duties are too difficult for some; whilst one of Carlo’s favourites finds organising kids’ party games to be no fun at all. With the results in, second dates are awarded and anticipation ends in disappointment for two winners before the mums and dads unveil another surprise in each household.

9:30pm Formal Wars
Rock chick Reanna may be outspoken – but she’s a family girl at heart. Reanna’s dad has especially returned for her year 12 formal and her Mum is determined to make it memorable. But she’s got a battle on her hands when she unveils her plan to cover Reanna’s tattoos and take out those piercings. Reanna’s friend Sam is quite the opposite, but his dad has also worked abroad for much of his life, and without a mum, Sam has spent time at boarding school. But this year they’re back together for one final year, and it’s clear that Sam’s dad hasn’t updated his sense of style since the mid-1970s. Will they get the formal they’ve always dreamed of?

10:30pm Grimm (dbl ep)
“Bad Moon Rising / Quill”
As Hank continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable siting he had, an old friend, Jarold Kempfer needs his help when his daughter goes missing. Nick’s expertise as a Grimm comes in to play as he investigates the disturbing motives.

The following week Dynamo 3rd season premieres at 8 PM meaning the schedule looks like this.

Thursday August 15
8pm Dynamo: Magician Impossible
9pm Please Marry My Boy
10pm Formal Wars
11pm Grimm (single ep)

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