Seven begins Covert Affairs Final Season

Seven begins Covert Affairs Final Season

Fans of Covert Affairs might want to set the recorder.

The much loved series returns for it’s final season which consists of just 16 episodes  on Sunday night.

Last we saw Annie, she had finally defeated Henry Wilcox and was making her escape from Hong Kong but following that ordeal she didn’t return triumphantly to Langley. Instead she disappeared without a trace.

But now, four months later, Annie is back. Though CIA protocol would have Annie in debriefs, medical exams and polygraphs for months, she manages with Auggie’s help to bypass that and get herself assigned to a new mission: investigating Borz and Mykola Atlan, a pair of Chicago-based Crimean brothers suspected of planning a terror attack.

As Annie heads to Chicago, Joan returns from maternity leave to find that she’s been passed over for the promotion to DCS in favor of Calder. That is, assuming Calder can get his personal affairs – which seem to involve a steamy relationship with a mystery woman – in order first. And while Joan heads back to her job running the DPD, Arthur mulls over a new job offer from a former student named Ryan McQuaid who now runs a private security firm.

11:10pm Sunday June 21 on Seven.