Sealed With A Tuna Toss.

Sealed With A Tuna Toss.

In tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia, the teams headed to Port Lincoln, South Australia

For the second time on the Race, The Footy Mates had the power to dish out a Sabotage and Salvage. The Geek and The Princess received the Sabotage and were not allowed to ask for directions for the entire leg. The Cowboys scored the Salvage and enjoyed the sweet sound of an automated voice beaming at them from a GPS.

First up, was a Detour where teams had to choose between Toss or Roll. In Toss, they competed in Port Lincoln’s iconic tuna toss. Believe us when we tell you these weren’t the type John West rejects! The Gold Coast Girls had a stinking time with the fish and after seeing other teams blitz the challenge, decided to change Detours.

In Roll, teams headed to the Croatian bocce club to play against some of the skilled locals. Every time they botched the bocce, they had to don a traditional cravat.  By the end of the challenge The Power Couple and The Gold Coast Girls had so many cravats they could barely move their head!

The Intersection saw teams pair up to create new moorings for research boats at Hopkins Island, where scientists study the endangered Australian Sea Lion. To make the mooring, teams had to enter the freezing cold water, all the while distracted by the beautiful, and very cute puppies of the sea.

Being the last two teams to arrive at the Intersection, The Gold Coast Girls were less than thrilled to discover they were to buddy up with The Power Couple. Despite Dolor spending most of the time squealing that a sea lion was after his blood (it was infact, just Holly’s foot), surprisingly, they finished the challenge first.

In their final challenge, teams traversed the huge sand dunes at Lincoln National Park. One team member had to direct the other team member to five different buckets, where they had to place a flag. Oh, and did we mention they could only walk backwards, in giant gumboots and had to be blindfolded?

Challenge completed, it was then a race to the Pit Stop. The Gold Coast Girls arrived first, followed by The Power Couple and The Bodybuilders. Sadly, it was the last dance for Jordan and Violeta who arrived to the Pit Stop in last place.