Scott Sent Home on Masterchef

He survived one Pressure Test in the MasterChef , but that experience didn’t prove to be an advantage for Scott last night

Standing alongside Jamie and Steven , Scott revealed that he had a “foodmare” overnight, dreaming of a dreaded 25-page recipe.

Christy Tania from Melbourne’s Om Nom dessert restaurant revealed her stunning Mango Alfonso which  seemed like Scott’s dream was actually a premonition.Consisting of 10 individual elements, the dish featured mango and shiso profiteroles, kalamansi sorbet withcoconut lemongrass foam and a heart of choux pastry. Out of his depth, Scott struggled from the outset, but a pep talk from George helped refocus him.

The choux pastry was the stumbling block for all three cooks. Christy deemed their first attemptsunacceptable, encouraging them to try again. Jamie and Steven chose to make a second batch, but Scott instead focused on getting other elements onto the plate.

In the tasting Steven was the clear star performer. Scott’s sorbet drew praise but his choux buns were terrible. Jamie’s dish also had flaws but his pastry was superior to Scott’s, keeping him in the competition.

The judges praised Scott’s previous efforts, particularly his winning chocolate ganache tart in the Mystery Box challenge set by Maggie Beer.

Since leaving MasterChef Australia, Scott has returned to work as a carpenter, but with a twist, building a new restaurant in Adelaide. Once the restaurant opens, he will swap his tool belt for chef’s whites and take on a new role in the kitchen.

Masterchef airs 7:30 Sunday-Thursday on Ten