Scorpion Stings And Celebrities Struggle

Scorpion Stings And Celebrities Struggle

The Aussie jungle is a walk in the park, right? Wrong. There’s a lack of sleep, a trying trial and a general adrenalin comedown. But with a new campmate heading into camp, the highs seem to outweigh the lows. 

Waking up hungry, it was time to battle it out for the best meal of the day. Jack and Abbie, Paulini and Grant, and Jess and Travis were chosen to tackle the trial Dipsticks to stifle their rumbling stomachs.

Putting on brave faces and working in teams, one celeb was a ‘sticker’, having to stick their heads and hands into hellholes to find stars, while the other celeb was the ‘dipper’ dragging themselves to the bottom of a water tank to hoist their teammate up the hellhole wall.

With 10 minutes on the clock, Jack and Abbie scored the quickest time and took home the hot, home cooked meal for the green team, Jess and Travis came second, earning the red team the food drop and Paulini and Grant scored, you guessed it, absolutely nothing.

Back at camp, the celebrities began revealing more about their lives. Grant shared his passion for motorsport and his near-death experience rally driving, as well as the experience of seeing his idol Peter Brock pass away two cars ahead of him mid race.

Emotional in the Talk Talkie, Grant shared why he gave up his passion: “I’ve put a lot of chips in the motorsport basket and I’m prepared to take those risks, but I don’t want to hurt the people around me.”

Getting used to their new reality, all the celebs revealed they were beginning to struggle being away from home, but none more so than Mel. Feeling overwhelmed, she confided in camp bestie Toni, who reassured her she was amongst friends.


After dinner, Jungle Mail was delivered sending Jess and Travis out to Woop Woop to rescue their new teammate. Faced with an unhinged cowboy, the pair had to find the key to free their new campmate Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico.

Running a gauntlet of unexpected firecrackers and finally freeing Dipper, Jess and Travis ushered him into an already sleeping camp.