Scientific Siblings Stumble Into Last Place.      

Scientific Siblings Stumble Into Last Place.      

Continuing to travel across Türkiye, the teams were welcomed by not only an automatic car, but also with a phone containing navigation. And who said The Amazing Race Australia was hard!

Arriving to oil up and jump in a wrestling ring, Angel opted to sit out due to washing her hair the night before. Realising it was better to help Frankie, Angel’s hair became a casualty of the challenge as the pair left in first place.

Racing to make an evil eye out of glass, Claire realised how hot a glass poker really is, burning her hand. Pushing through the pain, she got the job done and was onto the next challenge with Jodie.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Jamus decided to leave their bags behind for the Detour to make sweets. A decision that cost them precious time at the Pit Stop to retrace their steps back to their car to retrieve them.

With Beau still in isolation, the one and only Scott Tweedie flew halfway across the world to step in a the Pit Stop, saying goodbye to Scientific Siblings Tammy and Vincent who couldn’t quite nail the dancing Detour.


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