SAS Australia Tests trust

SAS Australia Tests trust

In tonight’s test of TRUST, the SAS Australia star recruits had to:

–       Fall backwards 60m from a crane, hands on head, and trust that their partner would successfully “brake” the rope in time to stop the freefall.

–       Carry 250kg fake ammunition – in the form of heavy munition boxes, jerry cans and a 50kg tyre – to the top of a steep rocky hill in just 60mins, to simulate the supply of ammunition to friendly forces during a heated battle.

–       Open up to the DS and their fellow recruits about something they are ashamed of, something they regret, in a confronting Honesty Test.   


The nine remaining recruits were paired up – Nick + Erin, Merrick + Molly and Shannan + James, with Firass, Candice + Sabrina forming a trio. They had to live, eat and sh*t together, holding each other’s lives in their hands on every mission.

The daunting Fall & Brake Task and gruelling Munitions Resupply Drill took a toll on the recruits, with Sabrina hurting her back and Nick suffering a deep gash in his leg which required 12 stitches.

The emotional Honesty Test brought recruits closer together as they shared their most shameful secrets with each other, including Merrick’s revelation that he will never know what his late father’s last words were to him; Sabrina’s regret at driving her family apart; and James hitting rock bottom after the fallout from taking Stilnox before the London Olympics.

Honey Badger Nick Cummins opened up about his troubled relationship with his father, who is ill with Stage 4 terminal cancer, describing being brought up with an iron fist and his desire to prove he’s deserving of his father’s love.

Nine recruits still remain: