SAS Australia tests reslience as two more recruits walk

SAS Australia tests reslience as two more recruits walk

it was a big episode of SAS Australia.

In last night’s test of RESILIENCE, the SAS Australia star recruits had to:

  • Perform a terrifying “cat crawl” along a rope strung across a steep ravine, 15m above a treacherous ocean, stopping half way to hang by their arms and then hoist themselves back up to continue crawling to the other side
  • Suffer through a relentless surf immersion drill, where they linked arms and laid back as a group in crashing waves, in a test of control in the most uncomfortable situation
  • Endure a punishing beach beasting, where they did leopard crawls, bear crawls, and dragged and carried each other in wet sand, simulating a battlefield rescue

Rally champion Molly Taylor became the first woman in the world to successfully complete the dangerous chasm crawl.

Molly was one of only six recruits to finish the task which shredded Merrick Watts’ nuts and led Eden Dally to VW when it brought back past trauma from a drowning incident.

Cleaning their own latrines proved to be a messy business, driving home the harsh reality of life on base for these celebrity recruits.

The freezing 40min surf immersion task and brutal, hour-long beach beasting extracted a heavy toll on recruits, with Ali OetjenErin McNaught and Shayna Jack particularly suffering.

Suspended swim star Shayna hit breaking point and handed in her number, becoming the sixth recruit to quit the course “Every day for the past year has been a living nightmare but I am someone who will speak up when it’s not right. I’m not going to sit back and let people try and accuse me of something I didn’t do. I won’t stop fighting. I will clear my name. That’s all that matters to me.”

Noticing that her head had been elsewhere today, the DS summoned Ali in for questioning where she got teary talking about her recent relationship breakup “I met an amazing man and we spent two amazing years together but he didn’t want the same things… I still think he’s my soulmate but our timelines are different.”