SAS Australia tests pressure

SAS Australia tests pressure

In last night’s test of PRESSURE, the SAS Australia star recruits had to:

  • Make snap life or death decisions while armed with an assault rifle in a hostage rescue simulation
  • Undergo an extremely dangerous underwater survival technique known as drownproofing
  • Endure another punishing late night beasting

Only two out of the 10 recruits successfully completed the armed hostage rescue task.

The DS were particularly concerned about Erin McNaught’s lack of focus and brought her in for questioning where she admitted she’s becoming more fearful on the course.

In horrendous weather conditions, recruits had to repeatedly immerse themselves in a tank of ice cold water while trying to maintain a calm composure, a task Jackson Warne found especially challenging.

Merrick Watts struggled with the night beasting and was feeling the strain of his own self-doubt. When brought in for questioning he revealed the desire to rebuild himself after suffering depression and anxiety at the end of his radio career – “I got to a point where I lost some of my confidence and for a comedian and for a performer that’s a big part of what I do and my identity… I started finding myself sleeping in more, staying in late, I was lethargic and tired and unmotivated and not committed to shit because I didn’t feel 100%… If I do this, I believe that I’ll be better.”

10 recruits still remain: