SAS Australia tests character with a big premiere episode

SAS Australia tests character with a big premiere episode

SAS Australia stormed onto screens with 17 famous and infamous Australians starting out on the Special Forces selection course, a brutal process designed to physically and mentally break even the most elite solider. There is no winner, there is no prize. 95% of soldiers fail the course. It’s not for the faint hearted. Recruits either have what it takes to pass selection, or not. No other tests asks as much, or means as much, to the few who make it through.

In tonight’s test of CHARACTER, the star recruits had to:

  • Fall backwards out of a helicopter hovering eight metres above a freezing lake
  • Crawl through mud and try not to look like a “demented seal”
  • Hike cold, wet and exhausted carrying their 20kg military issue Bergen backpacks
  • Take part in vicious rounds of hand-to-hand combat in the ultimate test of character and bravery

AFLW player Sabrina Frederick made a courageous statement, choosing Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins as her opponent in a brutal boxing bout.

Actor Firass Dirani put a target on his back after disrespecting the DS (Directing Staff) and causing his fellow recruits to be punished for his actions.

Schapelle Corby faced the first DS interrogation where she revealed years of psychosis, hallucinations and the reason she no longer eats meat.

And PR Queen Roxy Jacenko was first to VW (Voluntarily Withdraw) from the course after just six hours – a series record.

16 recruits remain: Ali Oetjen, Arabella Del Busso, Candice Warner, Eden Dally, Erin McNaught, Firass Dirani, Jackson Warne, James Magnussen, Merrick Watts, Mitchell Johnson, Molly Taylor, Nick Cummins, Sabrina Frederick, Schapelle Corby, Shannan Ponton, Shayna Jack